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"Your wedding officiant should help you to be relaxed enough to smile, laugh and enjoy your wedding; to feel the profound emotions of the most tender moments and to have an experience that will be well worth remembering for years to come. That is what I want to do for you."

"I officiate at weddings in the Twin Cities, MN area. That is me pictured above to the right. My training with SaintSavers Wedding Officiating Services gives you the benefit of the experience of hundreds of weddings."

"You have control over the content of your ceremony. I provide a Wedding Planning Tool for you to customize your own personal wedding ceremony. You choose the style: Christian, non-denominational, non-religious, or interfaith. You choose whatever you want in your wedding service. (Login with 'help' as the user and 'me' as the password.)"

"Here is another alternative approach to putting together a service. It is a cut and paste approach. View 13 services and cut and paste the parts that you like to assemble your service. Or, just pick one. These are Word documents from a variety of services that people have assembled in the past few years. After you have cut and pasted together all that you want to use, send me the Word document. (Login in with 'couple5' as the user and 'look' as the password). "

Service 1|Service 2|Service 3|Service 4|Service 5|Service 6|Service 7|Service 8|Service 9|Service 10|Service 11|Service 12|Service 13

Fee for Officiating at Your Wedding Service - $400

  1. A rehearsal on a separate day or a rehearsal the same day of the wedding 90 minutes before
  2. Face-to-face sessions as needed
  3. Unlimited follow-up arrangements by phone or email until the ceremony is just the way you want it.
  4. Unlimited submissions from the SaintSavers Wedding Planning Tool
  5. A Word file of your service that you can print out and save with your wedding scrapbook/photos
  6. Signing and sending of your wedding license

$0.50 per mile for mileage if the wedding is more than 20 miles from where I live. I allow 20 miles each way, so deduct 20 miles each way.


A $150 non-refundable "earnest fee" (also known as a deposit) should be paid when the wedding date is confirmed by the couple with me. I will turn down other weddings for that date if we confirm the date with this fee. Otherwise, I may accept another wedding for that date. I will send a receipt for your deposit by email.

Provide me with a $150 check made out to 'Chris Richardson' to reserve your date
The remaining balance of the fees should be paid at the beginning of the rehearsal (if there is a rehearsal on a day other than the wedding) or when I arrive before the service.

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